About India Aviation Consulting & Supports

Strength of the organization lies in the pool of skilled and experienced Human Resource. India Aviation Consulting & Support LLP is today a team of more than 70 trained personnel Additionally the organisation derives it resource base from the large pool of consultants available to it on requirement basis / project to project basis, with experience varying from 20 to 40 years with a combined aviation expertise of more than 800 Years.

The organization undertakes Master Planning of Greenfield and existing Airports, traffic surveys, soil tests, OLS surveys, environmental studies for preparing Environment Impact Assessment Reports required by the ministry of Environment and forests, Project Consultancy / Turnkey Project Implementation and with the wealth of experience at its command undertakes / guides in procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of airport equipment meeting ICAO stipulations. The foundation of the organisation was laid in the year 2006, with a vision then that with privatization of airports, developments of airport infrastructure will undergo a quantum change and there will be a growing demand for consulting appointments, with airports operators preferring to contract out planning and project supervision aspects of developments instead of supporting permanent establishments within for such functions. The vision has become a reality in today where opportunities for consultancy in airport planning, development & airport management have arisen in large number bringing in a perceptible change to achieve the much talked about international standards in facilities and services provided at our airports. India Aviation Consulting & Support often in close coordination with international experts has been endeavouring to contribute in this process. Vast experience of the IAC&S team in procurement of aviation equipment from international suppliers has made it possible for it to represent many Foreign OEMs and assist these OEMs in marketing their airport equipment like Radars from ELDIS of Czech Republic, DVOR / DME equipment by Mopiens, South Korea; Baggage Handling Systems by ULMA Manutencion S Coop, Spain, Computerised human like airport flight and public announcement system by AviaVox, Holland; Passenger Boarding Bridges, earlier by CIMC, China and now by Haobo, China besides representing INTOS (Holland), FIDS3.com (Holland); Brilliance , China for Airport Buses, ANPC (USA) for Transponder Landing system etc. The proposed venture into Skill Development under the Brand ‘ AeroX ’ is proposed to be fully in consultation with the industry stake holders so that the post graduates passing out can fit in their expected roles in the industry without as little familiarisation time as possible.