Airport   Equipment

India Aviation Consulting & Support can either assist the organizations or undertake the entire process for procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Airport and Airline equipment. Starting with assessment of the requirement to preparation of specifications, tendering, tender evaluation and placement of the orders , factory inspection of the equipment, inspections at receiving end, installation and commissioning- the entire exercise meeting international standards can be undertaken by IAC&S experts. The range of equipment catered to by the experts is:-

• Airport Terminal Communication Equipment,
• Airport Security Equipment
• Airport Baggage handling Systems with / without online security check provisions,
• Airport Radars / ADS (B) Systems / equipment
• Airport Nav. Aids - DVOR / DME / NDB /ADF etc
• Airport Landing Aids - Instrument Landing Systems
• Airport Terminal Information System
• Airport Multi Channel Recorder Arrangements
• Flight Information and Display Systems
• Airline Passenger Check-in Systems ( CUTE etc.)
• CCTV Systems for Terminal Management and Security Systems etc
• Aircraft Sub-assemblies and spare parts
• Ground Handling equipment for aircraft Operations
• Equipment for Surface movement of aircraft at Airport
• Aircraft docking facilitators
• Cargo Handling systems
• Cargo storage and retrieval systems etc.

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