Consultancy Services

Note: Ground Handling

    Indiaaviation Consulting & Support LLP The wealth of experience available with Key Executives, coupled with a huge reservoir of skilled and experienced supporting staff constitutes the core competence of the India Aviation Consulting & Support.

    Skills for procurement of airport equipment & installation / commissioning thereof , Planning & Project execution of Aviation Development projects, Projects concerning CNS /ATM, Safety and Security aspects of Airports and Airline operations, Ground Support services and the like come only with experience and many aviation organizations have experienced the inadequacy and either compromised with consequential losses or afforded the heavy costs by engaging foreign consultants. India Aviation Consulting & Support fills this gap at affordable costs thereby encouraging outsourcing of many such ‘one-time’ functions.

    The organization endeavors to provide Consultancy & Support services in aviation arena. Some of the broad area indulged into are :

    1.  Project Feasibility Studies for Green Field Airports.

    2.  Airport Expansions and Development Planning.

    3.  Airport Operations – Formulating & Documenting standard procedures.

    4.  CNS /ATM services – Planning Process – developing specifications, preparing tender documents, site selection of all types of Airport Equipment / Communication, Navigational Aids and Radar facilities.

    5.  Studies for Improvements in Airport Operation, Airport Management, Air Traffic Control aspects.

    6.  Preparing Procedures for Air Cargo Operations; cargo storage, Safety / Security of Cargo etc.

    7.  Project feasibility studies for Passenger & Cargo Airlines.

    8.  Airport / Airline Security - Policy framework and implementation.

    9.  Charter Operations, PAX / Cargo - approvals and facilitation thereof;

    10.  Undertaking ISO 9000 / 14000 Certification - Effecting Liaison between the Certifying agency & Client’s Operational and Management establishment.