Operations & Security

IAC&S has been established by executives from aviation sector each with more than 30 years of hands experience in airport / airline operations. Operating and maintaining CNS /ATM systems, aviation security setup, air cargo operations, on job training of airline ground personnel, air safety et al are the areas of core competence of the organisation. IAC&S meets the growing demand of clients in all operational aspects of aviation

Mumbai International Airport Limited

IAC&S was awarded the contract to carry out the Risk Analysis study for merging the domestic terminal fuel depot & the international terminal fuel depot in to a unified (single) ATF fuel serving station for Mumbai International Airport. IACS was additionally directed to spell out Risk Mitigation methods.

Airport Licensing

Providing Liaison services for Airport Licensing viz Preparation of Documentation & Organizing OLS Surveys, Runway Friction Tests, Compliance of all relevant ICAO standards and recommended practices. Filling variations if any, Preparation of all Aerodrome Manuals viz Operation Manual, Contingency Plans, Safety Management Systems etc along with duties and responsibilities of Terminal Manager and other critical staff as per CAR.

Airport Obstruction Limitation Surface Surveys

Preparing all required OLS Charts – Grid Map, Type A & Type B charts etc. essentially required for operations at an airport.

OLS reports for 14 Airports have been completed including for MIHAN (Nagpur), Ambikapur & Bilaspur which have been accepted by AAI / DGCA for licensing of these airports.

1. Kushinagar, 2. Dholera, 3. MIHAN (Nagpur), 4. Ambikapur, 5. Bhilai , 6. Bilaspur, 7. Jagadalpur, 8. Jashpurnagar, 9. Korba, 10. Raigarh, 11. Bhiwadi -1, 12. Bhiwadi-2, 13. Ambikapur (1514 M Rwy), 14. Bilaspur.

Pavement PCN Evaluation (Runways, Taxiways & Apron Area)

The PCN Value of Pavements of following airports has been undertaken with Falling Weight Deflectometer

Runway PCN Evaluation completed at following Airports:
1. Ambikapur, 2. Bhilai, 3. Bilaspur 4. Jagdalpur, 5. Jashpurnagar, 6. Korba 7. Raigarh, 8. Durgapur

Runway Friction Tests

The runway friction value assessment was organized using SAAB Machines assessing Friction Values at a speed of 90k under dry as well as wet conditions at the followings airports.

1. Ambikapur, 2. Bhilai, 3. Bilaspur 4. Jagdalpur, 5. Jashpurnagar, 6. Korba 7. Raigarh,