Equipment & Systems

Assisting clients in framing specs, tendering, site selection, site preparation, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of airport and Airline equipment is our forte. Be it Communication equipment and systems, Nav. Aids, Landing Aids (Cat-I, Cat-II & Cat-III), Radar Surveillance systems, ADS-C , ADS-B , ATC simulators, Automatic Flight Inspection system etc. besides Terminal equipment like FIDS, AFAS, BHS, PBBs and Airline Ground handling equipment. Clients depend on us fully and we have been able to develop a chain of satisfied clients

Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs)

IAC&S represents an internationally acclaimed supplier for Passenger Boarding Bridges with installations & operations at multiple international airports. The PBBs, operated electromechanically can be Glass walled OR Steel walled with air conditioning facility and, if required, with GPU as well as air handling facility. The PBBs are available for single Isle & wide body aircraft.

Baggage Handling Systems

IAC&S represents M/s ULMA Manutencion S. Coop. of Spain for Baggage Handling Systems installed and Commissioned at Kolkata airports (8th Baggage Conveyor System).

IAC&S also undertakes Maintenance & Operations of the BHS system (Kolkata & Ahmedabad airports)

Elevators, Escalators & Travellators

While providing equipment installations for the Terminal buildings IAC&S can provide very reliable Elevators, Escalators & Travelators for passenger facilitation.

Air-conditioning / VRVs

IAC&S can organize the central air-conditioning systems for passenger terminals/ control tower & technical equipment block as well as for any other location at the airport for a complete design of the airport facilities.

Check in Counter

IAC&S can provide Check-in-Counters in various designs / shapes and sizes to meet the requirement of the Ground Handling Staff for efficient passenger handling.


Flight Information Display System meeting the current Indian airport requirements – with 3 Languages display capabilities with display of advertisements as well as weather information of the destination airport is available with IAC&S. The system can be operated locally or remotely (Internet based). FIDS for multiple airports controlled from single location also possible.


IAC&S represents AviaVox of Holland for fully computerized, human like, multilingual Automatic Flight Announcement System providing announcements in more than 18 languages including Hindi & Marathi, developed for India market. AviaVox is in operation at T3 of IGI Airport since July 2010 & at T2 of CSI Mumbai airport since February 2014.


IAC&S can make available hardware & software for one of world’s most used Common Used Terminal System for passenger processing to enable optimizing check-in-counter utilization.

Airport Security Equipment

IAC&S represents an internationally certified organization for X-ray Baggage Machines for hand baggage checks, checked in baggage, scanning machines for cargo packages as well as for scanning of ULDs as well as vehicles


We have assisted one of the civil aviation RADAR manufacturer in bidding successfully for ASR / MSSR collocated RADARs as well as MSSR separately. IACS can prepare specifications, tender documents as well as carry out valuation to assist the ATS providers to finalize procurement.

We can also undertake the responsibilities for installations, testing & commissioning as well as flight inspection.

Electronic Navigational Aids (DVOR, DME & ILS)

IAC&S, representing M/s MOPIENS Inc., South Korea since 2013 has enabled M/s MOPIENS to be the largest supplier of Navaids to the Airports Authority of India having supplied 57 DVORs & 72 DMEs (some are under shipment). M/s Mopiens can also supply ILS system with CAT- III capability.

Electronic Navigational Aids (NDB)

IAC&S, representing a German company can arrange supplies of tie tested and reliable NDB equipment for NDB based air navigation. We can also undertake the responsibilities for installations, testing & commissioning.

Airfield Ground Lighting System

IAC&S can design, arrange procurement & install AGL facilities for any airport for night landing facilities. The design can be single/dual circuit with Simple / CAT-I / CAT-III approach lighting system including control & monitoring arrangements. The AGL facility design can be fully LED / Solar Power based eliminating extensive wiring. The solar based LED system can be integrated with existing conventional AGL system.